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 Song of the Day 2

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Go Hawks
Go Hawks

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PostSubject: Song of the Day 2   Sat 02 Mar 2013, 3:25 am

Score = 10 Score = 10 Score = 10 Score = 10 Score = 10 Score = 10 Score = 10 Score = 10 Score = 10 Score = 10 Score = 10 Score = 10 Score = 10 Score = 10

Prime Time...can't fuck with Prime Time...Yo Ol' Man Powell, can Cruz rap, dance and ball like this man?

Rather bump this over a preachy ass KRS One all day, any damn day! Troooffff!!!
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NYC's Finest

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PostSubject: Re: Song of the Day 2   Sun 03 Mar 2013, 8:41 am

Is this your idea of "starting a new topic" under the old skool hip-hop section tranny?? because if it is then I can see why so far outside of me you have gotten ZERO responses...lol

I remember this wack ass song....Thank God Primetime had a hall of fame football career.....because this was strictly a parody of hip-hop music and if you'd rather listen to Deon Sanders on the mic as opposed to the great and legendary KRS-One then you already know why I only take r&b recs from you and NO hip-hop ones....lol, keep up the good work tranny!
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Song of the Day 2
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