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 Hip Hop Quiz

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PostSubject: Hip Hop Quiz   Wed 08 May 2013, 11:02 am

How's your rap knowledge?

Name 3 female rappers named after Marvel characters

What gross act does Tyler The creator specifically have in common with Nicholas Cage?

In the song Swords Drawn by Army Of The Pharaohs they used voice clips from what Harrison Ford film?

Name a rapper who started his/her career rapping and NEVER had a hit song but has prospered in the film industry.

Name 2 comedians that released a popular rap song with a video

The song Turtle P-O-W-E-R off the first TMNT movie was performed by Partners In Kryme, but people mistakenly thought it was which rap group

What movie did Tupac debut in?

Name 3 rappers from England that made a name for themselves in the mainstream rap world

Whos the most successful rap group of all time?

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Hip Hop Quiz
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