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 so the joe camel and beyonce tour flopped

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chingy > nas
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Half Dolla
chingy > nas

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PostSubject: so the joe camel and beyonce tour flopped   Fri 15 Aug 2014, 12:01 am

they claim its sold out and shit. i bet those 2 puppets buy 1/2 of the stadium tickets for 10 cents each and give them away. the camel only hit was big pimpin only because of ugk. why do those idiot beyonce stand and camel warriors waste $275 on a ticket when u can hear them lip sing on youtube for free

shit i would rather pay $10 to see rap legend messy marv in concert at a club that seats maybe 50 people. he aint never sold out and aint a puppet like the beyonvce joe cxamel empire. by the way messy marv grunting for 2 minutes on a song > the camel and beyonce empire existence
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so the joe camel and beyonce tour flopped
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