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 Jay Midge shows that life is not 'Flawless'

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Jay Midge shows that life is not 'Flawless'  Empty
PostSubject: Jay Midge shows that life is not 'Flawless'    Jay Midge shows that life is not 'Flawless'  Icon_minitimeThu 18 May 2017, 1:44 pm

'Flawless,' a standout track from jay's new mixtape 'Negative 2 Positive' details his efforts to leave to criminal lifestyle he was living and begin a successful musical career. Jay is already attracting attention, having featured on one of the biggest rappers in the UK Nines' hit Trapper Of The Year. The quality which allowed Jay to demontrate his talents on this platform are evident on 'Flawless.'
'Flawless' reflects on illusions that a life flushed with cash gained from crime is aspirational. Jays raps 'imagine being a billionaire but having to live on the run,' highlighting that such a lifestyle is punctuated by paranoia and sadness. The opening to the track is equally poignant, as jay tells of friends who have spent ten years in prison and are only now being granted weekend release. Jay's fast, punchy, high-impact flow makes 'Flawless' particularly remarkable.
Putting his entrepreneurial skills to positive use, Jay has founded his own label swt records on which 'Flawless' will be the first of many successful releases. The label is starting a movement to help young people who find themselves living in negative situations and attracted by crime to turn their lives around through music.
Although the lifestyle Jay describes is not flawless, the track certainly is and will glide onto your airwaves and stay there for some time, due to its smooth radio-ready beat. This beat acts as the perfect accompaniment to the track's poignant lyrics.
Catch the official video for 'Flawless' here

Contact Jay Midge on:
Instagram : @officialjaymidge
Twitter : @swtjaymidge
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Jay Midge shows that life is not 'Flawless'
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