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 Vibrant Newcomer Hayley Littlewood releases Debut Single “In My Zone”

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Vibrant Newcomer Hayley Littlewood releases Debut Single “In My Zone” Empty
PostSubject: Vibrant Newcomer Hayley Littlewood releases Debut Single “In My Zone”   Vibrant Newcomer Hayley Littlewood releases Debut Single “In My Zone” Icon_minitimeTue 13 Jun 2017, 1:14 pm

“In My Zone” the debut single by Hayley Littlewood, a duet with Mr.Macee, is an exciting new entry into the international landscape of urban music. Inspired by artists such as Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey, Hayley Littlewood has cultivated a unique R&B sound guided by her impressive vocal prowess. Released on Goldmind Music Limited, “In My Zone” by Hayley Littlewood is a song you will not want to miss!

A versatile track that will move audiences around the world, “In My Zone” is the perfect urban inspired music to fuel the fun of the coming summer days. The “In My Zone” Single comes with 5 unique mixes making this music accessible to many global dancefloors and festival crowds. Hayley Littlewood and Mr.Macee’s vocals are the perfect compliment to the Chill, Funky, House and Dark mixes which are available in addition to the Original version of “In My Zone”.

Mr.Macee is a seasoned performer who has continued to define himself as one of the UK’s finest MCs. A versatile rapper and lyricist, Mr. Macee shines when paired with Hayley Littlewood on “In My Zone”. These two Birmingham based artists really work well together and show the world the best of what their city and the United Kingdom have to offer to global music culture.

Hayley Littlewood is talented young artist who is just discovering her full creative prowess. A formerly quiet and reserved girl who had trouble expressing herself, for Hayley musical expression has become a unique creative outlet. The healing power of music no doubt helping her to find her true passion and purpose in life.

In the Summer of 2015, Hayley attended The Lighthouse Young People's Centre in Aston Birmingham where she received the inspiration and support she needed to mature into the talent she is today. At The Lighthouse, Hayley gained the trust she needed to move her life in an exciting new direction culminating with the audio recording and video production of “In My Zone”, Hayley’s debut single, a collaboration with Mr.Macee.

In, Autumn 2016, Goldmind Music produced two tracks for a showcase presented by VNS Management, at Birmingham’s O2 Arena, of young, up and coming acts from the
West Midlands. Hayley Littlewood and Mr.Macee’s collaboration “In My Zone” came to life due to this showcase. Goldmind’s Managing Director Steve Clarke was so impressed with the track he knew it would be a perfect choice for a genre spanning remix package.

Be sure to check out all the versions of Hayley Littlewood and Mr.Macee’s new single “In My Zone”:

Original mix- Steve Clarke & Shayal- ISRC- GBGWJ1700131
Chill Mix- Netriz Mix- ISRC- GBGWJ1700132
Funky Mix- 13 beats- ISRC- GBGWJ1700133
House Mix- DJDL- ISRC- GBGWJ1700134
Dark Mix- Mackoo- ISRC- GBGWJ1700135

For more information:
Instagram: goldmind54321
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Vibrant Newcomer Hayley Littlewood releases Debut Single “In My Zone”
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