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 ATTN: Norf, Kev, SRP

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T. Myers
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One Of A Kind
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ATTN: Norf, Kev, SRP Empty
PostSubject: ATTN: Norf, Kev, SRP   ATTN: Norf, Kev, SRP Icon_minitimeTue 23 Mar 2010, 8:12 am

I'm in the process of try to clean up my collection, and not all of my cd's are complete with all inserts. Unfortunately some of the albums are too expensive to re-purchase just for the artwork. If any of you have Tru-True and Silkk-The Shocker, would you mind scanning the back inserts and e-mailing them to me?

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ATTN: Norf, Kev, SRP
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