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 Crazy chain letter bullshit

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Paragraphs Relentless

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PostSubject: Crazy chain letter bullshit   Thu 25 Mar 2010, 2:20 am

Cassie and her friend were at home with there kj. Their older sister was planing on going out, and told them to not answer the door for anyone and to keep kj locked. Cassie and her friend went online looking at scary chain letters and laughing at how they weren't ever true. The didn’t believe in any of the chains and went to bed. Unfortunately, they forgot to lock the doors. Cassie’s friend had been murdered in the middle of the night. Quickly and frightened, Cassie went and reposted every chain letter they had read. After waking up in the morning she saw something that looked like a face that was very red staring back at her in the mirror. But did not see her face. She ran down stairs and looked in a different mirror. Still seeing the same face she touched hers. She then looked at her hand and it was covered in something red and watery. Her skin was burned and bloody. News around her town had told about the murder of Cassie’s friend. Cassie’s sister arrived home later that night, not yet seeing the news. Cassie told her sister what had happened and her sister was in denial. Her sister reported that Cassie had gone insane and put her into a Mental Hospital. Years past, and Cassie had died of a rare disease. Cassie came back for revenge towards her sister and the murderer. The murderer was never found. Nearly hours after Cassie’s revenge her sister was found dead. The man who found Cassie’s sister bloody with stab wounds on the floor spotted a faint, red, kj. This was Cassie’s shadow. The man heard a whisper and he could make out small words saying “You didn’t see anything.”
If you don’t repost this chain to at least 6 kj in the next 10 minutes, Cassie will haunt you too. This is not fake. Don’t believe me? Read below.

Case 1: Ashley Duran read this. She hates chains and ignored this. The next night, Ashley’s parents couldn’t find her. They could see blood in the shape of kj in her bed. Her mother killed herself and her father was guilty of murder.
Case 2: Jessica saw this this chain. She posted it to just 5 people. Not good enough, Jessica. Not good enough. Jessica is currently in a coma and she may never wake up again.... See More... See More... See more... See more... See more.. Case 3: Justin Carehard only read a little bit of the story. He didn’t post it at all. There have been searches for him. Nobody ever saw a fingerprint or anything. There is no sign of him. Almost as if he has vanished into thin air 1997 a girl named Lauren was walking in a forest and suddenly disappeared; she hadn't been discovered untill 2000 when a young girl named Mary found Lauren's body which had chest markings that said, "I... See more... See More... See More... See more... See More... See More... See More... See More... See More... See more... See More... See More... See more... See more... See More... See more... See More... See more... See More... See More
wasn't pretty enough." Lauren's ghost will appear in your mirror,... See More
telling you that you're not pretty enough and she will kill you. She'll will repeatedly tell you" The same happened to Mary, and she died shortly
after. To save yourself, copy and paste this into five other band's comment boxes. THIS IS TRUE! Since you have started reading this, do not stop. Keep in mind that you need to send this to five other bands in 143 minutes. When you're finished, press "F6" and kj
will appear on your computer screen in big letters as a "reward" for preventing yourself from being killed.

a.k.a AFutureWithoutAPast, Kendrick Davis

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"And I won't say I'm the best since Rakim & Pac n' them/Better yet, I'm the best since Mozart & Bach n' them" - Celph Titled
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What's NXET?
What's NXET?

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PostSubject: Re: Crazy chain letter bullshit   Thu 25 Mar 2010, 4:55 am


People actually open these? The very second I see the letters FWD, I click spam or delete.
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parker lewis
E-4000, Ya Smell Me?
parker lewis

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PostSubject: Re: Crazy chain letter bullshit   Thu 25 Mar 2010, 8:42 pm

Oh shit! I read it and I don't know how to do what she wants me to do. So long, guys. Keep your eyes peeled for the disappearance of Parker Lewis. Contact my family. Tell them what happened.
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PostSubject: Re: Crazy chain letter bullshit   Fri 26 Mar 2010, 2:27 am

I can't stand shit like this. My sister once sent me something like this, and I blocked her e-mail address...no lie. And then I called her up and cussed her out for sending me dumb shit like that.


That's for real.

I especially can't stand those turbo Christian ass chain letters that attempt to make the reader feel guilty for not forwarding them, and try to question the reader's worthiness of being a worshiper of "God". I feel like those e-mails are the utmost disrespectful thing somebody could ever send to somebody.
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I'm Ghetto Platinum
I'm Ghetto Platinum

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PostSubject: Re: Crazy chain letter bullshit   Mon 09 Aug 2010, 2:27 pm


[19:13:57] Steve : that was mj KJ impression

[22:07:07] Dang! Trotter has joined the chat on Thu Sep 16, 2010 10:07 pm
[22:07:33] Dang! Trotter : I don't like Nicholas Cage's hair.
[22:07:39] Dang! Trotter is Disconnected on Thu Sep 16, 2010 10:07 pm
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PostSubject: Re: Crazy chain letter bullshit   

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Crazy chain letter bullshit
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