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 Why the west won't ever blow-up again

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Dang! Trotter
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Banned From Amazon

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PostSubject: Why the west won't ever blow-up again   Mon 14 Jun 2010, 3:00 am

The real reason is cause they go by the code of the streets. They don't tell too much on records and take that gangster shit seriously.
As far as the south they put their busness out there all day. No wonder why a lot of them be getting busted, shit they be telling on themselves on records and DVDS. Not to mention theyre a bunch of ass-clown homosexual coons. They'll continue to have the spotlight as long as they're giving the feds the information they need and keep giving hate groups ammunition to claim Blacks have low IQs. As far as the east these cats are a bunch of comic book characters. One minute they're on some GhostBusters shit rapping about proton back packs then all of the sudden they're pushing weight and having shoot outs with the police. Even if they do try to snitch on themselves no one would take them seriously. The east get the spotlight from time to time since they like to beef and resort to gimmicks, the switch-up their style to emulate whats hot.

The west keeps things quiet as kept. They keep a low profile with a strong infrastructure. Never jumping on another region's nuts. Jeah. Dr.Dre knows this thats he really don't fuck with westcoast ardist not even Lamont Bishop
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Deanie O'Banion
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Backwoods Burna, Mac & Murda

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PostSubject: Re: Why the west won't ever blow-up again   Mon 14 Jun 2010, 3:42 am

One of the newer Ganglands was on Mitchy Slicks gang in SD, and this kid (forget his rap name) caught a murder case for a verse he did. The vet's know not to incriminate themselves with detail, but some of the youngsters don't understand that the gang units comb through their lyrics for unsolved shit.
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Why the west won't ever blow-up again
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