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 Analyzing Bomshot's lyrics

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Dang! Trotter
Banned From Amazon
Banned From Amazon

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PostSubject: Analyzing Bomshot's lyrics   Sat 17 Jul 2010, 7:03 am

Bomshot has to be the wackest rapper in the form of his demographics. Gucci Mane is wack, but he's good for his illiterate fanbase. But BomShot supposely wants the same demographics of the Wu and Jedi Mind Tricks so he's definitely needs work. Not only are his lyrics wack but some are offensive, not the RA Rugged Man offensive--but more like a store selling you expired milk offensive. So lets peep some of the s**t he says on his album Abomination. And Abomination is a good name for his solo album cause thats what it is.

"I used to be in Hitler's army but now I'm the new pope"

"I burn Schindler's list while hanging a swastika"

"I take a pilgrimage to ground zero/ to praise the messiah/ Bin Laden's my fuckin; hero"

"Don't leave your kids around me......"

"I was BLESSED with the CURSE of the heavens and Earth" (huh?)


"Im' nuts don't be fucking with me/ youre dead now and thats how God wants it to be"

"Masturbate with Norman Bates in a hotel Im psycho "

" I'm still Black and I still smoke crack" (wow, from a White rapper?)

"Gay queer/ I'll kill your kids in the daycare"

"Ain't died yet?/ well soon you will"

"I remember every man I killed but won't resurrect ya"

No wonder why he's universally seen as garbage. The killer part is he got the likes of the Gza, C-Ray Walz,Shabazz the disciple, Big Shug and others on this putrid album
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Paragraphs Relentless

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PostSubject: Re: Analyzing Bomshot's lyrics   Sat 17 Jul 2010, 11:23 am

Haha these lyrics are hilariously awful, the best was the Psycho one, that was fucking awful

a.k.a AFutureWithoutAPast, Kendrick Davis

"Besides, I have other words: gorilla, parakeet, giraffe, and also... monkey" - Kool Keith
"They call me the Cinco de Mayo killa 'cause I May put 5 in ya" - K-Rino
"It's hard to focus, perhaps the last opus/If younger heads quote this then it ain't all hopeless" - Dalek
"If this is what makes Mims hot, and this is why I'm not/Put a bullet in my brain bury me with Tupac" - Reks
"And I won't say I'm the best since Rakim & Pac n' them/Better yet, I'm the best since Mozart & Bach n' them" - Celph Titled
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Laced With Slang
Barack O-Donna
Barack O-Donna

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PostSubject: Re: Analyzing Bomshot's lyrics   Sat 17 Jul 2010, 12:40 pm

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I'm Ghetto Platinum
I'm Ghetto Platinum

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PostSubject: Re: Analyzing Bomshot's lyrics   Sat 17 Jul 2010, 1:18 pm

""Masturbate with Norman Bates in a hotel Im psycho ""

lmao. I remember you posted that way back on Amazon (?) and I laughed

[19:13:57] Steve : that was mj KJ impression

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Dang! Trotter
Banned From Amazon
Banned From Amazon

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PostSubject: Re: Analyzing Bomshot's lyrics   Sat 17 Jul 2010, 3:45 pm

More lyrics...

"A Christian Lady asked me what a did/ I killed her kids/ they wouldve killed my kids if I let them live."

"Liar, liar/ pants on fire/ hand you upside down/ Crucify ya"

"I was born dead/ with a horn on my head/ the Unicorn is my friend"

" Snort lines of your cremated corpses off your tombstone" (well if your cremated you wouldn't have a tombstone)

""Push an old lady down a case of stairs/ for a case of beer/ I fuckin' hate queers"

"I from the Seventh sun/ descended from Heaven,son/ I pack 11 guns/ making the rev. run"

"I once blew up a school bus with small children/ than light a fire in an abandoned building" (wow, if you killed small children then mentioning you created arson on a vacant building is unnessisary)

"Your family's tears can fill the emptiest lake" (How can you tell if a lake's empty?)

"Use your face as a pin cushion/ that was 10 mil-cons ago/ you been missin'" (huh)

"yo ass will fade/this will be your last of days/ Ill laugh and say Im glad that muthafucka passed away"
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parker lewis
E-4000, Ya Smell Me?

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PostSubject: Re: Analyzing Bomshot's lyrics   Sat 17 Jul 2010, 5:30 pm

Cremated people do have tombstones.

That unicorn shit is awesome.
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PostSubject: Re: Analyzing Bomshot's lyrics   Tue 17 Apr 2012, 10:49 am

Funny you mention gucci mane, he just released a "brand new" song with french montana and gëèéucci mane. The funny things about it is this dude sits there preaching islam and ripping everyone elses beliefs and mistakes, but if you bring up him going to jail not to long ago he starts quoting the holy book and listing other saints who have been imprisoned. I'm sure whatever he did was so holy and he is another wrongly convicted saint. But back to the "new" bullshit song, the video for it is some weak ass edited esrly 90s porno, just what muahamed had in mind I'm sure. The best part though, if you listen to the song the gucci verse sounds so familiar. Doing some research (3 seconds of googling) the gucci verse was from some other song. Dudes a poser, a muslim when it don't get in the way of his hood lifestyle, and he makes it sound like he just did some banger with french montana and gucci mane but leaves out the gucci part was stolen from a song like 4 years ago, and dumb enough to think nobody would notice and search for it. News flash, gucci actually has fans who know his work so stealing a verse putting it in some whack ass song and calling it brand new will get exposed lmao. What a joke
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PostSubject: Re: Analyzing Bomshot's lyrics   

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Analyzing Bomshot's lyrics
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