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 What Am I Missing?

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PostSubject: What Am I Missing?   Sat 09 Jul 2011, 6:50 am

well... i got into hip hop quite late (2001 there about), i have missed out on some earlier artistes for one reason (most probably because they are discussed less here) or another. they are mostly rappers that i've heard about at certain points in time but did not pay attention.
That been said, i would like to know more about the following, how do you rate them? Also, which of their material would be the best starters

Compton's Most Wanted
DJ Quik
MC Breed
Kool Keith
Show & A.G
UGK (am familiar with Bun B's discog)
MC Eiht
Too Short
8Ball & MJG

O and what do you think about these

Kendrick Lamar
Killer Mike

Am I missing anything?
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PostSubject: Re: What Am I Missing?   Sat 09 Jul 2011, 6:54 am

Ah, just saw the DJ Quik & MC Breed threads as I posted this....
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Cinco De Mayo Hater
Cinco De Mayo Hater

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PostSubject: Re: What Am I Missing?   Sat 09 Jul 2011, 12:32 pm

I'll rate from my fav to least fav. I'll refrain from putting number ratings because sometimes that can be misleading.

Compton's Most Wanted- imo CMW only have three albums that are really worth hearing. Music To Driveby
Straight Check'em
Its A Compton Thing

K-Rino- there's a thread in this section already on his discog. He has too many albums to retype all that but if you can't find it i'll do a copy and paste.

Show & A.G- not real familliar with their discog but I really like their Runaway Slave. Most on this forum seem to feel the same.

UGK- you will luv most of their albums but these 1st two are a must
Ridin Dirty
Too Hard To Swallow
Underground Kingz
UGK 4 Life
Dirty Money

MC Eiht- he only has one must hear solo album imo and if you dig that try his 2nd one.
We Come Strapped
Death Threatz

Too Short- just like Rino he has too many albums. I think there's a thread on his discog already also.

Xzibit- not the biggest fan of him but I have heard most of his solo albums.
40 Dayz And 40 Nightz
Man vs. Machine
Speed Of Light

8Ball & MJG- just like UGK you will luv these cats albums. Only difference is they hit their peak in they're earlier work. The newer stuff is hit or miss.
On Top Of The World
In Our Lifetime
Comin Out Hard
Space Age 4 Ever
Outside Looking In
Living Legends
Ridin High
Ten Toes Down

O and what do you think about these

Kendrick Lamar- I like his mixtape.album O.D. Its nothing mind blowing but it fits in with these new school "lyrical" mainstream geared rappers. For example like Drake, Cole, Big Sean, Cyhi Da Prince, etc etc. I haven't heard this new one yet but its on deck.

Vakill- a lyrical beast. I am not a fan of his full albums but he is worth checking out no doubt. He is held in high regard by most. I got his newest album on deck also.

Killer Mike- one of my favorite rappers of all time. I got a soft spot for Killer Kill so there will be some bias here...lol. Energy, content, lyrics, dope albums, and a very commanding voice. The dude should be a fav of everyone imo. He'e from that bloodline of the Ice Cube's, Scarface's, Bun B's, etc etc.
I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind, Vol. 2
Ghetto Extraordinary (unreleased)
I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind, Vol. 1

There's A God On The Mic
"Pretty soon hip hop won't be so nice, no Ice Cube...just Vanilla Ice"
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Barack O-Donna
Barack O-Donna

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PostSubject: Re: What Am I Missing?   Sat 09 Jul 2011, 1:05 pm

if you saw the Quik and Breed threads ill try to help you with the others...

Compton's Most Wanted - Ive only heard "Its a Compton Thang" in full but id recommend it. Ive heard parts of Music to Driveby and id definitely recommend it from what ive heard. Honestly ive heard good things about their first 3 albums so just start there.

MC Eiht - part of CMW, get his debut album "We Come Strapped" essential listening

Kool Keith - one of the best rappers and creative artists of all time IMO. You need a lot of his material. I'd get his work with Ultramagnetic MC's. Get "Critical Beatdown" and "The Four Horsemen".
In terms of Keith's solo projects get the following, and id probably get them in this order:
Dr. Octagon - Dr. Octagonecologyst
Kool Keith aka Dr. Dooom - First Come, First Served
Kool Keith - Sex Styles
Masters of Illusion (with Kutmasta Kurt and Motion Man)
Project Polaroid (with TOMC3)
Ultra (Kool Keith and Tim Dog) - Big Time - this album is almost never talked about but it goes hard as fuck, highly recommended
Dr. Dooom 2

After those, if you like Keith a lot id get Diesel Truckers, Spankmaster, and Black Elvis/Lost in Space.

I haven't heard Analog Brothers (with Ice-T) or The Cenobites album but ive heard good things and will eventually get around to them

K-Rino ive liked everything ive heard from him...which is Danger Zone, Stores From the Black Book, Solitary Confinement, Blood Doctrine, Annihilatrion of the Evil Machine, and Book Number 7
people always say good things about Time Traveler too

Show & AG - Runaway Slave is one of the best albums ever and Goodfellas is a ner classic follow up some people even like it more. Get those 2 first then if you like them get Full Scale and Live Hard

UGK - start with their first three...Too Hard to Swallow, Super Tight, and Ridin Dirty, Ridin Dirty being my favorite. Then get the rest

Too Short - start w/ these:
Life is Too Short
Shorty the Pimp
Short Dogs in the House
Get in Where You Fit In
id recommend all, but his only other album ive heard is Blow the Whistle which is pretty good

Xzibit - Get his first 3 asap

8ball and MJG - get On Top of the World, In Our Lifetime Vol. 1, and Comin Out Hard in that order IMO
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PostSubject: Re: What Am I Missing?   

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What Am I Missing?
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