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 Parliament & Slave GA!

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Parliament & Slave GA! Empty
PostSubject: Parliament & Slave GA!   Parliament & Slave GA! Icon_minitimeSat 16 Jul 2011, 12:16 pm

Saw both of them last night here in my city. Wasn't real excited about Slave but they did pretty well. The highlight was obviously the Funkadelic's themselves. I have always heard mixed reviws about their show so I am so glad I saw it for myself. They put on one hell of a show last night. The stage is packed and seems very chaotic but it works for some reason. They had a half naked woman and man dancing around, full band, and a alien walking around smoking a joint. Shit was classic. They milked every song to the max but you didn;t mind because that funk kept you moving.

I am honored to get to see a legendary grp from the past perform before its too late. Make my funk the P Funk cause I wants to get funked up!!!!!!!!!!!

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Parliament & Slave GA!
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