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 Mystikal & Kool Moe Dee

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PostSubject: Mystikal & Kool Moe Dee   Tue 06 Mar 2012, 2:34 pm

I thought this was a fun read. I would never put these two together ever. Quoted from Mystikal 25 Essential Songs:

"“That was just foolishness, foolishness in a crafty manner. I was having fun with words. [I learned from] Slick Rick and LL. The greatest story teller and the fucking prince of all rap. And then a little further, gangsta music—the NWA's, Scarface, Geto Boys. It would've been too hard to pick one. So I just became a mixture.

“I put all the ones I love in. I'm talking about Kool Moe Dee. Even though that was my fucking LL that boy was beefing with! Shit, me and Kool Moe Dee had problems for a second! He didn't know me; I wasn't nobody—but we had problems.

“I remember during my 'Shake Ya Ass' run, I was in New York on some radio or whatever and I went out and Kool Moe Dee was by a limo. Maaan. I was already late for an engagement but, man, this motherfucker. I was so honored to be in that bunny's presence. It was so hard for us to separate.

“It was like The Color Purple. 'We shall never part.' We was doing a little handclap. They was like 'C'mon Mystikal you gotta go!' and I was like 'Fuck all that, that's Kool Moe Dee! Tell me mo', Kool Moe!' Fuck, I was receiving church. I almost tithed to that motherfucker man! I'm that much of a fan. I'm a student as well as a fan of the game and I always will be no matter however long I'm doing it.”

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Mystikal & Kool Moe Dee
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